Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Letting Go Of Anger

"Are we know ready to let God remove from us all the things which we have admitted are objectionable?" Alcoholics Anonymous, page 76.
Regrettably for this alcoholic knowing what is objectionable and blocking me from the Sunlight of the Spirit and letting those things go is more challenging than it should seem to be.
For me, anger has been the fuel that has gotten me through many challenging parts of my life.  It was at the base of my drive to succeed in business, and while I may have stepped on a few toes or bent a few noses with my self-centered attitude the results spoke for themselves.  I was rewarded with money and promotions.
It was only when I realized that all the money and material possessions in the world weren't going to make me happy, and finding myself alienated from my peers and people who I considered to be friends that I began to see the error of my ways.  Rather than collaborating with people who probably wanted to help, I wanted to take all the glory and do things on my own and my own way.
It seems that in addition to alcohol, I have been powerless over my anger for a large portion of my life.  While I wanted to play nice and get along, it seemed like the easier path was to be arrogant and push people out of the way.
To truly settle this anger thing and move forward with a spiritual base, I have had to turn repeatedly to God and others asking for help.  Similar to the drink problem, this anger problem has been something that I could not seem to conquer on my own.  By remaining humble and in the moment and having faith in God and in others, I have found that letting go of anger has been a much easier proposition.

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